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We live in a rural area and we looked and around for internet so i could go to school. I called hughesnet and they made it seem as if it was the best internet money can buy. HA!! We have had nothing but problems since day one!!The data cap is a joke!! We have two...
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They can\'t keep the system online and then claim I used too much bandwidth while it was down. BS. These guys can\'t make their system work and then want to charge outrageous ...


Get into their community - they may be able to help like they did me

Hughesnet said free install but charged for it. Did NOT leave an invoice upon install. Downloaded invoice showed charge for install Downloaded invoice indicated they sold us RECONDITIONED equipment When asked about usage limits installer said there were but we'd...
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Salesman never said iChat, Skype and other "regular" computer features will not work on this lousy service. Tried to cancel but they just offered upgrade that even their tech said was just a little better than dial up!! What just a little better than dial up in 2012 ...
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hughesnet is not high speed internet its very slow wont run gaming systems my dialup was quicker on their website there is noone to talk to they're customer service is in a different country no help what so ever the cost is way to high paying $80 a month for a weeks...
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I have Hughesnet satellite as my internet provider. I have the cheapest plan, at $59.00 per month. I paid 2 years for my equipment (at $ 20.00 per month )It's suppose to be 25 times faster than dial up. NOT! It's barely faster than the AT&T I had. Also, you...
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HughesNet is very slow!! I got HughesNet when my cable internet became unreliable due to weak signals. But HughesNet is not an acceptable alternative. The problem seems to be a basic one related to the time it takes a signal to make a round trip to the satellite. The...
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Howard Hughes speeds are below 100kbps on downloads and web browsing is the same a 5kbps land line. They advertise 700kbps but cant direct me to one web site that I can download ...


I have had Hughes for several years and have upgraded the satellite modem each time a newer on is available. I also think the speed is getting slower. I suspect more consume...

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