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Update by user Aug 28, 2011

Oh by the way when I first made contact I was promised a return shipping label but, as soon as they relized who they were talking to they denied ever making the promise!!!!

Update by user Aug 28, 2011

As of 8/28 I got into contact with Hughsnet the rep. said that I needed to send back their equipment at my expense to get my refund!!

This company isn\'t working with me at all... I still haven\'t recieved what was promised at the beginning of all of this...

Original review posted by user Jun 22, 2011

Where do I start...When installer came to put it in he never informed me of what he was doing until he was done...Then after he was done he turned and said okay that will be $250 dollars! I was stunned, I looked at him like I was a deer in the headlights,,I was thankful I had the extra money in my account.

Anyway after he left I thought about it and it was actually slower than the other internet providers. But, I dealt with it till verizon sent out a deal I couldnt pass up. Anyway, I went with verizon and I called to cancel Hughesnet, Wow did I get a run around the communcations operator wouldnt let me cancel kept tellin me what could they do to keep me and I tried numorous times with her to cancel...At that point I couldnt take it anymore and said about the installer and what he did and also explained he charged me for instalation, which I also explained in length with her that, he should not have charged 250 for installation when their ads in the mail and ads on tv are free installation! She explain in detail why he charged so much.....let me break it down like she did with me...I am not making this up this really happened.Anyway she said 100 was for a 4x4x8 treated post...that he set in the ground and he didnt even use cement!!

there also was a charge per foot for extra cable to put the modem where I wanted it. Here's the killer he also charged for burying the cable from the pole to the house...He didnt dig a ditch. He went along side of the cable stuck a shovel in the ground wiggled it back and forth.Then shoved cable into the slit he created all the way to where it goes into the house...I know some of you are thinking so whats the big deal? Plenty, 2 reasons first he never explained that there would be an addition charge for installation, didnt give me the chance to refuss installation!

second I didnt tell you I have direct tv which is also sattilite...My point is they both are pointed in the same direction..He didnt have to go through all that stuff of mounting on pole...He could have put it on the other side of the roof ,which is where Directv installer put their dish and all of their equipment works fine... The installer was trying to make a few extra bucks on this.....But this is only the first part of this story.....that was several months ago,, currently am also in dispute with them about he (the installer) did not inform me that when I sign on the dotted line I will be locked in for a 2yr contract with hughesnet.. He totally misrepresented the company..At the point when I called after I got verizon in I called to cancel. They explained all this to me and I explained that I am the customer and never got my chance to refuse service!!!

It didnt matter to them...they told me that since I put in a new internet provider that they required the prorated portion of unused 2yr contract...which they told me at the time it would be $310 which I was comfortable with ,,,I then said okay what about the equipment that is still here,,,operator said oh am sorry we,, since you went through all of this,,we will gladly accept equipment back,,I then said, well you could atleast send a self addressed shipping label so it could be sent back to them at their expense,,,the operator said, we can do that and also said that when they get the equipment they would refund me 200 of the 310 which I would only owe 110..Wrong! I called just the other day and ask where the box was for returning the equipment after some putting me on hold the operator come back on and said, you were mis informed,,, you own your equipment there will be no box ,,,I now have to send this back to them at my expense...This only gets better,,,didnt tell you what transpired just the other day when they took out the full amount.Actually took out of my account over drew my bank account! I am on a fixed income and had just enough money in there to cover my checks I wrote out for the month..I wasnt expecting them to take it all at once! I had three checks that were over drawn and I now have to come up with money for sevices fees at my bank ,,,so I called Hughesnet back told the operator what happened ,,,he put me on hold talked with the manager,,, get this, the manager said well just send us the copy of your overdraft fees and we will gladly reimburse you!!!

I expressed the fact that this isnt good business practices and never heard of such a thing ,,,they basically brushed off everything..I told them i would get on the internet and let everyone hear how they treat their customers... I'm telling you all now that beware of this company! If you decide to after reading this, all I can say is Good Luck! And stay with the installer, and dont let happen what happened to me....I was a fool!!!

I am actually going to try and see if I have a case to sue thoses ***! WE will see whatever happens ..happens

Monetary Loss: $1.

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We are rural and used to have frontier, but they charged $60 in taxes for a phone we never used, and they had worse and worse service so we quit them. We got Hughesnet, and they guaranteed roughly 10 mbps, however, even after defragging and ram cleaning and disk cleaning and registry cleaning my fairly late model laptop, running the Speedtest on, my service runs at less than 1 mbps.

>34 the first test and a few days later, after cleaning my computer, .66 mbps. Whoo hoo! also has interactive maps of speeds all over the world and Hughesnet gave us slower speed than the most primitive African countries and Muslim countries which were in the less than 5 mbps range.

When I asked what it would take to cancel, the tech told me $400. We are trying to find out if we can get a lawyer for this to get out of this contract.

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