I have had Hughesnet for a little over 2 years simply because there is no other option where I live. Their claims of "Blazing downloads" is a sham, a lie and fraudulent.

I chose the next to highest plan since I work from home and needed the "speed". The best I ever could get was little better than a Verizon or ATT card. For this, I pay $85.00 monthly.

Now they have instituted what they refer to as the "Fair access Plan". They have decided how much you can download for your payment plan. Mine is 450 meg per 24 hrs. That is, a few u tube clips, pictures from family "maybe". The biggest issue is work.

Both my lady and I work from home with large files. Without warning, or prior notice, the normal (albeit dubious) speed was reduced to the point only one of us could even connect, let alone try and work.

When I contacted them, first I spoke with (listened to a non-English speaker in Bombay), then tried the online contact. I was told about the policy and the only remedy is buying a "token" to restore normal speed.

I have begun to look for office space to rent. When we work at her home, we work through a cable modem, 100 times faster than Hughes, at 2/3 the price with NO applied allowance for downloads.

Do yourself a favor. Do not, under any circumstances, purchase, rent equipment from or deal with this company. They are a fraud and a sham.

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I cancelled Hughes net 2 years ago, sent equipment back. Everything was fine.

Now, they have me in collections for 218.00. No one at the company will tell me why.

They keep directing me to different departments. SCAMMERS

Aberdeen, Washington, United States #817180

I have had the same issue. I may have to fire them!





to Anonymous Lowell, Massachusetts, United States #835084

stop paying lol

to Anonymous #866943

do the research file complaint after complaint


Class Action Suit suits me fine

Newville, Pennsylvania, United States #694291

:( I finally was able to get a good high speed internet and called hughenet to cancel and they wanted $300 and me to return my Leased equipment! I didn't lease my equipment - I bought it and they still tell me I have to send it back


I'm sitting here in the download zone(which has not started) because I have to use the tokens and monthly allowance for all of my serious downloads- This is my time to watch youtube and browse the internet. Usually.

For the past few days there has been no change in speed at all. I don't want to spend $5 on a token which will last for 3 minutes in a youtube video. Don't buy tokens. If you have to pay more money to a company to get the product they advertise for the monthly price, it's a huge scam.

Dump HughesNet.

It's terrible. Downright depressing.

Mccomb, Mississippi, United States #685845

Hughes.net is a complete joke. The Internet is extremely slow even if the computer is connected directly to the modem.

What's worse is the reason they say the Internet is slow; there's too many trees in the area, too many clouds in the sky, the satellite needs to be turned another way, and we've used all 20 gigs of your data for the month. How?! When the Internet is so slow you can't even watch 43 seconds videos. The part that kills me is that I talked to a rep, she said that she's in the Philippines and get this; not only is she's not using Hughes.net at home as a customer BUT THE CALL CENTER SHE WORKS FOR AREN'T EVEN USING HUGHES.NET bc Hughes net is not provided there.

So why the heck would you have a center somewhere that doesn't provide the service.

Company is a complete joke!


Have had Hughes.net for many years. The only service I can receive.

For the last several months there is a very real slow down starting around 3:30 P.M. until late at night.

Even when I still have 60% to 90% of my daily allowance remaining. Why would I up my plan to Gen4 when they can't even meet their obligations with the old system?

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #631182

Other than slow speed and lacking trained service techs, I am charged $5.00 each month for writing a check for monthly service. At least they don't have my debt card number.


I had Hughes net - had constant problems with the service.

In December 2012 the service was down for the entire month.

The local service provider repeated promised to address the

problem, but never showed up. So, on Jan 11, 2013 I went

with Surfnet.

Howeverm Hughesnet is still taking payments from

my checking account. 12.21, 1.22, 2.21, 3.22 for $67 each.

I called again today. 3.25.13. On Hold for 45 minutes.

Finally was given a supervisor named Joe. He told me that I had not called them before and he was unable

to credit my account. He did not know the name of his supervisor or where to send a complaint letter.

He did not know who paid him or trained him to lie so well.

He refused to check the records and see that I did not

have service since December.

Please do not use Hughes net. Believe me you will be

very sorry. Just think of how much money this company

is making by cheating people.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #621559

Any company that deserves to be out of business is this one. They don't get it and have scripted hard-headed responses to simple customer issues when the customer is right and they are wrong.

I cant wait until some company who understands where the revenue comes from (i.e. customers) and addresses it.

Good riddance HN when it happens and it will.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #613436

You are completely right - what a horrible company. I'm so sick of having to deal with them, but like you, I have no other choice.

I'm even considering taking some sort of legal action against them. They do not provide the service that they say they do and besides they are very expensive. You're put on hold everytime you call them - sometimes I've been on hold for 25-30 minutes.

So sick of this company. Worst one I've ever deal with.

San Diego, California, United States #609344

I agree with everything that is said here about the lousy speed and service, so we terminated them 3 months ago, paid a premature termination fee, and now we can't get them to stop sending us monthly bills saying we still owe them. When we call they say we are paid up and our account has been credited, yet we still get invoiced!

They are like a bad cold you can't get rid of!

Best solution is not to start. I was more satisfied with dial-up.


We couldnt even get to the installation we've waited 5 days for these idiots to come and they can't reach "their distributers" who by the way don't call you or answer their company phone? We cancelled it alltogether horrible service


My "daily allowance" for the so called "Fair Access Policy" (not really fair at all) keeps running down by itself.The MBs comeback for like 1 hour then there gone without me ever using the computer my internet wasn't even connected I'm tired of this scam and all they do is take advantage of people in rural areas by overpricing there internet that's not worth $1


I just took a courtesy token and there's no way in heck I already exceeded my daily limit already. I'm ticked!


We have HughesNet because we live in a rural area and DSL or cable aren't available. 2 to 7 am eastern time are the unlimited hours for uploads and downloads.

The speeds are refuckulously slow because HughesNet has a thing called the download manager in which you can organize things like music, video, and document downloads.

what the ***. I paid for a few restore tokens, but I feel that with enough complaints, there will be a Hughesnet competitor very very soon.


HughesNet does not inform the subscriber that the amount they are allowed to download per day is VERY limited. A Microsoft download will exceed the limit. One can pay extra for "tokens" to get more that day, but for the price, it is very expensive.

About 25% of the time we could not even receive their signal. Contacting them led to no improvements. When I asked for the bill to be reduced in light of no service, they would not even consider it. Don't even consider this company.


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