Nobody used internet last 2 days and when i checked the data allowence, it says exeeded data usage! My entire family was away for vacation and we have a secured wifi with password on it, means theres no reason that our data plan's been exceeded.

Even when theres no restrict on speed, still slow as fak Upto 1.5mb/s downloading they say? and 500kb/s uploading they say?

Joke my *** biatches i barely got like 120kb/s for downloading and thats the fastest i can ever get! Whatever u jerks are playing, fix this *** and go kill yourselves

Product or Service Mentioned: Hughes Network Systems Internet Service.

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your right had them. cut my speeds charged me eary fee to shut down


I'd log in but the band width of my cell service is too slow but is still faster than my hughesnet service, tried the customer service freezer line, the folks in India can't seem to understand that I don't have enough band signal for them to troubleshoot my system which would only entail a visit by the installers to check the orientation! But nooo we can't get an installer back to do something so simple so I have used my Hughes net for maybe 2 hours in the last 10 months at 80 bucks a month that about 400 dollars an hour! What a deal!


Anonymous - That's not typical-clearly something's not set up correctly. Go to the HughesNet community- community.myhughesnet.com and get it investigated.

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