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Whatever, whatever you do, do not subscribe to HughesNet! Let me tell you about my experience, which I'm seeing repeated all over the internet.

I thought I would subscribe because they were new to my neighborhood and I would save a little money. I purposefully asked if I would be able to stream movies and videos and was told absolutely yes, and so went ahead with the install and lengthy service contract. Well, the install tech was friendly enough, but when we went to try it out, it buffered my movies considerably. I asked about that and was told "you just have to wait for it to download it for a minute".

Well, I stupidly let it go, and alone, I continued to try to watch my movies. I timed it and it buffered every 15 seconds. Even my tablet would buffer trying to download videos and music.

I ended up calling their technical service 3 times within the first few days. Every time, I would get an overseas operator who would test and fiddle with something on their end, and then tell me to go to their website and change some settings.

Nothing worked, not a whit. I told them I wanted to cancel after just those few days and was told there was a cancellation fee of $400 for the first 2 years. I guess I knew that but thought I would never need to do that when I signed up.

Well, here's what I did. I knew their monthly charge would be coming up soon, so I went to my bank and changed some banking information and had them blocked.

Haha on them! Soon I got past due notices, and then more threatening letters. Ultimately I got a box asking for a return for all of their equipment. They even wanted me to go up to the roof and retrieve their transmitter!

Heck if I was going to do that. I even read a review where they were asking an 80 year-old man to do the same.

Well, today I am going to UPS to mail their box with just what I was able to throw in it. I hope that's the end of this mess!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hughes Network Systems Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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