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My story begins two years ago, when we made the switch from dial-up service to HughesNet Satellite Internet. We were really pleased and excited that we were finally out of the dark age of dial-up internet speed, but that Honeymoon phase only lasted about four (4) months.

We noticed a DRAMATIC drop in the speed of our internet connection. I'm not a techie so I'm not sure what the acutal connection speed is really supposed to be, but I do know it's nothing like it was when we first got it. Most of the time we cannot use our internet past 8pm EST because it's just too slow to load a basic page like my YAHOO! Mail account. Oh, and the e-mail service they provide you with your account is a load! It's so basic, even compared to Microsoft Outlook! They tried to upgrade it one time, but it failed and they had to go back to their old version.

Anyway, I have called their Customer Support Hotline many, many, many times and keep getting the same answers like: "You've exceeded your bandwith, so you have to let it rest for 24 hours." Which I don't understand how that happens. We're not even home using it during the day, and we don't download movies or songs so I don't understand how we can go over our cap so often. I've heard about this same complaint from other users, and the fact they never tell you about it until you've "exceeded" it. Most of the time when I notice our service more sluggish than usual I go online to check our usage, but sometimes the connection is so slow I cannot load their page. Then I'll call their Customer Support Hotline and it seems like there's ALWAYS a recording right when you call saying that there's been an issue with Transponder #whatever, and if you're on that transponder you'll have problems until further notice. And did I mention that's a recording EVERY time I call? They're ALWAYS having a problem with a transponder somewhere....

The most frustrating part of it all is that the Customer Service Reps are in India, and there's a language barrier on both ends and it can get very difficult to resolve an issue since we can't understand eachother half of the time. They must just read from a script because I'm always told the same things time and time again. I know it's not their fault but I don't see what the big deal is about sending somebody out to the house to look at our hardware and make sure everything is ok.

Finally, last week the connection just STOPPED working. I called Tech Support and was told to unplug and restart my computer, modem, and satellite "box" about a million times. I called two times, both time each representative told me to do the same things. Finally the second time the woman told me it must be my computer and I needed to contact my "system administrator." Well, I told her that the internet was not working on all THREE of our computers so it's not my computer, the problem is on their end. She put me on hold and after about 10 minutes she told me I had to buy another LAN Cable and that should resolve the problem. I asked her if there was any possible way to get someone out to the house to look at it after letting her know we'd been having nothing but problems with our service for the past YEAR. She said she understood our concearns but if we buy a cable it should be fine. Again, what's the big deal about putting in a work order and having someone come out to the house?!

So, I went and bought my $14 cable (which they should have sent us because it was THEIR hardware in the first place that "failed) hooked it up and expected great things to start happening but NOPE, still the same sluggish speed as usual, but atleast now it's "working..."

All of this and we're paying $70 a month for it. I do NOT recommond HughesNet to anybody. Stick with dial-up until another option comes into your area and it will save you a lot of headache and money.

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After nearly five months of slow service and Hughes claiming I reached my FAP daily, even though no one was home using a computer and all computers were turned off, I filed complaints with my state's attorney general as well as the state Hughes is located in. Within days I received a phone call from customer service at Hughes wanting to resolve my problems. They wanted to send out a tech but I refused, telling them I wanted a complete refund of every dime I have ever paid Hughes, in addition to cancellation of my contract. She agreed. My satellite was removed free of charge to me and I now have my refund.

I had daily problems with Hughes and phoned and/or emailed them from their site nearly daily. I paved the way for my complaint with the AG. When I phoned, I always received a tech from India who could not speak English, nor understand it well. The tech always advised me on the phone and in writing to shorten my usage time or wanted to sell me tokens to restore my FAP. I never downloaded anything, no youtubes, no music, no videos, and no computer updates. I'd leave for work in the morning with 100% FAP and come home to 0. I also changed my password frequently so no one could *** into our network. The problem was definitely on Hughes' end but they refused to deal with it until I filed my AG complaint. At that point, the Hughes rep told me they had a problem at my site and would come to repair it. Too little, too late I am now very happy with my ATT DSL. Speeds are not much better than Hughes but it's reliable, no calls to India and there's no FAP.

The attorney general did laugh when he read my complaint and said he had received many just like it


This sounds just like what I went through June 8, 2010. To date I have still not recieved the "promised" phone calls and switched to Verizon wireless.

I am getting 2 1/2 times more "bandwidth" at a much lower monthly rate.

The great thing (although I am not a Verizon fan) is that if there is a problem I can drive to the nearest store for support. Oh, our modem is broke and although they could have sent me a new one would not.


We have had Hughes since 06 and though it may not be the best service, it is far better than what we had, dial up. I will agree that the language barrier can be a problem with the tech reps but anytime I have had a problem they bent over backwards to try to make themselves understood. They KNOW they have a problem with their accent not coming across clearly to some people and often try very hard to compensate, even spelling a word out for me if I could not get it. One lady even asked me if I could understand her clearly. They have also explained the bandwidth issue and why I exceeded it and gave me a pass on it a couple times and turned our internet back up to normal speed. Your speed is reduced as a slap on the wrist for exceeding your allowed usage, not to "rest". Nice way to dress up a warning that you are not following the agreement. It slows to a crawl so it is impossible to use to get your attention that they mean what they say, use what you are allowed or upgrade your service.

You can check you usage if you wish, there are links to do so, ask a teck to email you a link. Read your user agreement. It is not unlimited. You do not have to download movies to exceed it. We did it when one of our computers came with Windows Mail that had an RSS feed for news. Everytime it was used to access email it automatically started downloading that news *** and we had no idea what it was or what it was doing or why. When we exceeded the bandwidth yet again we began looking for something wrong because we do not download movies either. We nailed it down to that program, tried turning off the feed to only have it turn back on when the program was opened again. So we went back to the old Outlook program and have not exceeded the bandwidth since.

That was not Hughes' problem, it was ours. You may want to look deeper into your programs for auto-updates that run unnoticed.

We have few options for internet out here, although Hughes is expensive, it is far better than dialup for us.

Personally, I'd recommmend it to anyone who cannot take another moment of dialup unless they cannot afford the service. We have limited wireless available now but we have so much money wrapped up in the Hughes equipment we'll use it till dies.

Now the installers, that's another story entirely...

Saint Joe, Arkansas, United States #34927

Welcome to the Wonderful World of BroadBand UnBound... they can't maintain high speed connections cause they over sold their equipment capacities.

Broadband capable they are, we don't get it.

and the FAP limits a joke in a multimedia driven world. I am Astounded that they are allowed to advertise the way they do, puffery is one thing, but they are plain deceptive.

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