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They "LURE" you in with this "Promise", of a $50.00 Check{You'll never see it}, it's bullS$%T, Then they give you 50 Gigs of High Speed, and 50 of Throttled Back Super-Slow, Speed, Which Both are at The Same Speed, Do The OOKLA Speed Test and You'll See. and they "Lie,...
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Newman Lake, Washington
I liked
  • Like what i imagine working with centurylink with
I didn't like
  • Not being able to sink their battleship
  • Customer service
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HughesNet Satellite is a total rip off. I have their internet/home phone service and I've experienced everything others on this site have complained about. There are other websites people have filed complaints on and the complaints are in the thousands if not more....
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I didn't like
  • Are a total scam
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Hughes Network Systems - New consumer

I sign up for Hughs about a week and half ago I have lost my phone service due to the tech that installed it. He installed it in my wash room letting me to believe that it was already hooked up to the phone line he drilled a hole in the middle of my siding of the house. I am 63 years old I need my phone I would like to know what you are going to do about it I signed for internet and phone I will not pay for something I am not getting I will get a phone a cancel my phone at NO CHARGE
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Customer service
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Hughes Net is a joke. They have the most expensive broadband service I have ever encountered, and I work in telecommunications. For over $100 per month, I am given privilege of 450Mb of download per day: yes, you heard me, per day, as in 24 hours. When you exceed that...
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Hughes used to be a part of Direct TV and is now been bought by guy who owns Dish and blockbuster..they run this company like a bunch of crooks internally (soo much internal c...

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