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They lied on the phone. Misrepresented the facts about their service. I bought 1.5 mb/s service for $40/month. I wasn't told that I had a 200MB limit every 24 hours.

Here is what you get with Hughes-net Satellite Internet service.

1. Say goodbye to any video at all! No downloading movies or television anymore. The average television episode is over the daily limit you are given. Video reviews of games, movies, or news will suck up your 'limit" in seconds.

2. Say hello to censorship! MANY sites are blocked by hughes-net that no other company blocks. Hughes-net like to legislate morality and decide what is ok for you to see.

3. About 4 youtube videos per day, then you will wait about 25 hours until you can watch 4 more.

4. Goodbye video games. Whether you want to play a First Person Shooter or a simple flash game on facebook.... NOPE! They use too much bandwidth.

5. Any HD video are a No-No! They use too much band-width.

6. Don't ever test your speed. Testing it will drain your alloted usage. Think about that... simply verifying that your Internet speed is correct drains your daily limit.


If the Internet is important to you and Hughesnet is your only option... do what we are doing. Move away to somewhere that provides Internet at a normal speed all day long. Otherwise, welcome back to dial up. In fact the vast majority of the time, or speed is slower than dial up. We average 7kb/sec. The 1.5mb/sec we were told only exist for a few minutes each day. Once it's gone, you are done.

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good thing i read this...i was about to sign up but i notice how they have hidden pricing already just getting started...smells very fishy...


WE moved! Goodbye Hughes-net! :grin

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