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This is by far the worst company I have dealt with in regards to service as well as customer service. The speed is so slow that we can float on an unsecured network (without download cap) at a faster rate that for the $100 month service we get from Hughes.

We have called for 1.5 years to get the service issues resolved and have been told every excuse in the books, replace this, adjust that, lube that wire...blah blah. Finally I call to cancel and after being strung out for 1.5 years with their "resolutions" and am told by Sharon, who is the only Manager I can get(she would not give a last name nor transfer me to another manager and stated she did not have a manager), that Hughes shows all issues were resolved. I say how can the issue be resolved if we keep calling for 1.5 years on the same thing, crappy service speed. She replies...I'm sorry your contract termination fee is $400.

Plus you need to pay to send the hardware back or get charged another $300. All issues were resolved so nothing we can do....

Bottom line, do not use Hughes.

My next call after over an hour talking with Sharon is to call BBB. Ridiculous.

Review about: Hughes Network Systems Internet Service.

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